For the past 30 years, Andrew D. Himmel has handled a broad array of commercial litigations, representing individuals as well as small to medium size businesses in breach-of-contract claims, shareholder disputes, and partnership dissolutions. In addition, our firm has significant experience in the area of judgment enforcement and collections. As a small practice, we have the flexibility to tailor our fee schedule to the needs of individual clients. We make it a point to map out an appropriate strategy for each client and each claim, so that costs are kept within control.

Equally important, we provide our clients with an honest and unsparing evaluation of the merits of their claims (or defenses) and a fair estimate of the likely cost and time that may be involved. Clients often have an unrealistic view of either the strength or weakness of their legal position, and we find that it is critically important to educate them with respect to such matters.

Our approach is to first explore the possibilities of settlement concerning any potential commercial claim. In many instances, a potentially expensive and time-consuming litigation can be quickly resolved through resolution. This process can take the form of face-to-face negotiations with the parties and/or their attorneys, or it can involve some form of mediation or arbitration. Where litigation is unavoidable, we have extensive courtroom experience at both the federal and state level.

Our firm also handles a variety of medical malpractice and personal injury matters, and we have obtained significant verdicts and settlements in areas concerning negligent prescription of medication, improper handling of childbirth and surgical errors.

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